Know your Poisonous Plants

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Detailed descriptions of 154 commonly cultivated or naturally growing plants found in the wild or landscaping. A good book to have in the home or on hikes.

"Written on the premise that people should be aware of both the dangers and the pleasures of common plants, this book provides a fund of information on poisonous plants for the concerned family gardener and nature lover. It describes in clear, non-technical language 140 poisonous plants commonly seen in cultivated and uncultivated places. Each plant is identified by common and scientific names. Included are family associations, plant descriptions, the nature and distribution of the poison in the plant's organs, and the effect of the poison. Sixty-five of the more prevalent and lethal plants are given more extensive coverage, including measures to prevent poisoning and detailed symptomology. The book also contains general information on prevention of and first-aid for poisoning. Though the book contains a few botanical errors, the information is concise and well-presented. It is interesting that the leaves of tomato plants and the seeds of peaches and apples are poisonous--or it may cause concern. In any case, this informative book is stimulating to read and would make a fine reference book for the home gardener." (Lemuel F. Hegwood, Garden Journal, June 1974)